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How We Got Here

Our little 8 year old Bichoodle, Luca, has had many adventures - and a few misadventures - in his life ... the broken leg at 7 months old, the lamb bone that threatened to rip his intestine to pieces at 4 years old... but the health scare that really threatened his life and turned things around was the bout of pancreatitis last year. As most dog owners know, pancreatitis can and does kill dogs and Luca was in hospital for a few days before he stabilised. Pancreatitis is also caused by a high fat diet - and this confused us because we have always kept his diet healthy and, we thought relatively low fat. Poached chicken and carrots, raw beef and kangaroo .. So what had we done wrong? We reassessed his diet and realised that the kibble the vets had always recommended was very high in fat - and so are most shop bought treats. So we threw them all out and I started making my own treats - air dried chicken, liver and kangaroo, and animal 'crackers' - beef and veges and chicken and veges (including carrot, pumpkin, capsicum, broccoli and zucchini). Within a few months Luca had lost 1kg and had regained the energy he had as a puppy. 

Now we want to share these treats with others. After all, we care about our dogs' health and we want to do the best for them. 

The only ingredients we use are human grade meat, vegetables and spices such as turmeric that are good for dogs. No preservatives, additives or other nasties.

We don't want to put rubbish into our bodies, so why put it into our dogs?

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